About Us


Welcome to Amber Candles!

Here, we believe that beautiful candles can be made in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. 

With this as our motivation, each process of our manufacturing is designed to not only limit our effect on the planet, but also to improve it.

Over 70 percent of all glass in the U.S. is not recycled.  It may be because we don't recognize how it can be reused.  At Amber, every candle is made from a unique bottle that has been previously discarded, and reimagined to serve a new purpose of amplifying the natural ambience in your home.

We use only the finest 100 percent natural soy bean wax, grown sustainably and organically, and each wick comes from repurposed wood and recycled cotton.

Our lovely fragrances are completely free of Carcinogens, Mutagens, Reproductive Toxins, Organ Toxins, and Acute Toxins.

Let the earth light your space, as you enjoy the candles made to lift the pollution burden on the world and enjoy its natural essence.